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We teach your kids, at school & at home, essential NoCode skills for today & tomorrow.

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"This has been a very exciting time for us as well as a learning curve for everyone, but a lot of fun and really, really interesting along the way. There's definitely been a good buzz in the classroom".

P Marcus

Teacher at Saint Malachy's College

"Our kids at BRA really enjoyed it and learnt lots of new skills".

S Murphy

Teacher at Belfast Royal Academy

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What is NoCode anyway & why is it so important?

It's a new way of building technology, new ideas designed, built and released to the world.

Up until now, only software developers, who make up just 0.3% of the world's population, have been able to build the digital spaces that shape our everyday lives.

Thanks to a new wave of online tools, anyone—regardless of their technical background—can create websites, apps, software and more all without having to write a single line of code.

We think this is pretty exciting. Indeed, we believe that this is the future of digital and a revolution is already underway but NoCode is still a skill that needs to be learnt.

That's why at NoCode Kids we provide the most accessible and engaging NoCode learning system to empower young people to express their creativity, solve real world problems and thrive in the digital & creator economy.

What to expect

The Programme is made up of Modules for students to work their way through at their own pace. We’ve created a lot here to give them the best introduction to NoCoding we possibly can.

Videos showing and explaining everything as the student progresses.
Modules ranging from a background to NoCode to core concepts.
Missions giving the student practice with a wide range of NoCode tools.
Hours (and that's just the videos) with further learning options available.
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